This Is Love


This is Love


True-Crime Podcast Criminal is Launching a Love-Themed Spinoff

New York Magazine -

“Fans should expect the team to apply the same expansive, thoughtful, and near-anthropological approach to the lighter subject of love.”

Brand New Podcasts of 2018 We're Most Excited About

Refinery 29 -

“This Is Love is the warm, story-based podcast to listen to when the news is too much to bear.”

The Makers of Criminal Lend Their Capable Hands to a Warm and Fuzzy Spin-off, This is Love

AV Club -

“As can be expected, Judge’s approach and her interest in atypical stories reveals an anthropological depth.”

The Week in Podcasts: This is Love; The Hotbed: Swipe Left Swipe Left

The Guardian -

“beautifully paced, with memorable details”

ET Obsessions: 'Annihilation,' 'This is Love' Podcast and More!

Entertainment Tonight -

“an intriguing must-listen”

Why the 'Criminal' Podcasters are Moving from Murder to Love Stories in New Show 'This is Love'

USA Today -

“Like Criminal, This Is Love is a careful combination of interviews, music and Judge’s narration that makes for a seamless and satisfying listening experience. But the new show has a different tone: It’s warmer.”

Hit True Crime Podcast Criminal Has a Valentine's Day Treat for Your Ears

The Stranger -

“Criminal is air-tight, well-mixed, and a delight to both listen to and think about later. And now, Judge and Spohrer have a Valentine's gift for us all: a new podcast, this one about love.”

Financial Times

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