This Is Love

Photograph of a drawing pinned up on a wall. The drawing shows the head and face of a young man asleep in profile—the ears, nose, lips, and cheeks are accented with red and the eyelids and upper lip are accented with blue. The man has cropped dark hair, pale skin, and an earring.

Episode 45: Seeing and Being Seen

Episode #45

2022-04-13 12:08:21


When artist Wilfrid Wood was looking for new people to draw, he got an idea – and put a call out for models on Grindr. When Theo Adamson saw Wilfrid’s profile, he says “it just caught me in the right moment as being up for trying something new.”

You can see some of Wilfrid Wood’s drawings of Theo Adamson in a short documentary by James Cooper called Love Means Drawing Your Boyfriend 1,000 Times.