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Photograph of two women sitting at a banquet dining table. There are wine glasses and plates on the table in front of them. The woman on the left is wearing a gray sweater. The woman on the right is wearing a black shirt and a scarf

Episode 54: Grace and Julia

Episode #54

2022-10-26 05:00:42


Grace Young remembers her parents were obsessed with food growing up — they went shopping every day for groceries and every night they cooked traditional Cantonese dishes for dinner. She started to learn to cook when she was young, but not from her parents. She learned from Julia Child. “She was a little jolly. She was always in a good mood. I was fascinated by what she was cooking. None of it was familiar to me. I didn’t know what a souffle was or brioche or croissants, but she was just so appealing to me.”

Today, Grace is known as the Stir Fry Guru, and she’s written three cookbooks about Chinese cooking.