This Is Love

A painting of Jules and Julianne Hirsch, by Tobi Zion. Jules and Julianne are seated side by side. Julianne has short dark hair, and is wearing glasses and a black shirt and jacket. Jules is slightly taller, with no hair on the top of his head and a whitish-gray beard. He is wearing a gray button-down shirt with a red bowtie and red suspenders. They are seated in front of pink flowers and green leaves.

Episode 75: Here I Am

Episode #75

2023-10-04 05:00:40


Jules Hirsh had his first bar mitzvah when he was 13 years old, in 1946. Seventy years later, he had a second one, at 83 – and a few years later, his wife decided to have a second bat mitzvah too. “It’s a marker of, well, here I am. I’ve lived this long and so I’m here before you, saying that.”

Art by Tobi Zion.