This Is Love

Color photograph of Peggy Seeger, a white woman with short light gray hair, sitting in a camp chair outdoors, playing an autoharp. She is wearing sunglasses and grinning at the camera. There are colorful water coolers and other people, including one playing a flute, behind her.

Episode 91: You Can’t Promise to Love Forever

Episode #91

2024-06-05 05:00:43


Folk singer Peggy Seeger and her partner, Irene Pyper-Scott, live on different continents. Peggy has written dozens of poems and songs for Irene, and one for the man she spent 33 years with before that – Ewan MacColl. “He loved me the way I loved Irene.”

Ewan MacColl wrote the famous love song – “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” – about Peggy in 1957.

Peggy Seeger’s book is First Time Ever: A Memoir.